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First NameLast NameBornDied 
(Female)View Record
(Lieutenant)CummingView Record
(Male)Truelock1885 October 24View Record
(Male)View Record
(Mrs)Trulock1700s1778 JulyView Record
AdaCorri1860 December 29View Record
Albert EdwardWheeler1889View Record
AliceLyons1894View Record
Alice MaudAnsell1868 May 26View Record
Ambrose EdwardWhite18651905 Apr/JunView Record
AndrewTruelock1830 August 06View Record
Ann1660 cView Record
AnnTruelock1722 Oct/NovView Record
Ann1700 cView Record
AnnTruelock1600s or 1700s1713 December 16View Record
AnnTruelock1600s or 1700s1719 September 29View Record
AnnTruelock1600s or 1700s1746 December 01View Record
AnnTrulock1820 c1899 Jan/MarView Record
AnnAdamsView Record
Ann MaryBailham1869View Record
AnnaSands18651920 Apr/JunView Record
AnneTrulock17451835 January 24View Record
AnneEtchingham1825 cView Record
AnneConlan1896View Record
AnneSherwood1795 cView Record
AnneTrulock1850 cView Record
AnneTrulock1719 SeptemberView Record
Anne1820 cView Record
AnneTaylorView Record
AnneView Record
AnnieCahillView Record
AnnieCorri1895View Record
Annie ClementinaWilson (aka Parker - stage name)18401870 August 05View Record
Annie ClementinaCorri1864 March 10View Record
Anton Binkert1835 cView Record
Arthur BrookeCooper II O'Hara1810 c1845 June 12View Record
Arthur GeorgeRoberts1842 February 09View Record
Beatrice CatherineTrulock1820 cView Record
BridgetTruelock1700s c1778 November 27View Record
Bridget BeatriceO'Neill1926 January 22View Record
CatherineJones1740 c1794 MayView Record
Catherine1690 cView Record
CatherineMcCarthy17901855 November 16View Record
Catherine1800 cView Record
CatherineTrulock1800sView Record
CatherineKinder1775 cView Record
CatherineJones1800 c1862 August 10View Record
Catherine CruiseView Record
CatherinePlunkettView Record
CatherineGilliganView Record
Catherine (Kitty)O'NeillView Record
Catherine JaneCooper1840s or 1850s cView Record
CharlesJones1915 cView Record
CharlesTruelock1745cView Record
Charles StewardSingleton1845View Record
ChristopherStyles1930 cView Record
Daisy IsabelMcKillopView Record
DanielO'NeillView Record
Daniel ChristopherConlan1929 June 142011 January 11View Record
David FreemantleCarmichael1820 cView Record
David Scott Carmichael Smyth1790 cView Record
DeboraNoonan18531877 July 19View Record
DenisTruelock1809 NovemberView Record
DermotHarriss1941View Record
DerryO'Connell1918 cView Record
Desmond ChristopherConlan1938 June 18View Record
DomenicoCorri1744 October 041825 May 22View Record
Dora1775 cView Record
DorathyTrulock1685 October View Record
DorothyHarriss18901915 September 13View Record
Edgar AmbroseWhite1810 cView Record
Edgar William White1890View Record
EdwardTruelock1700 cView Record
EdwardGilligan1910cView Record
EdwardWheatly1850 cView Record
EdwardTrulock18601866View Record
EdwardTrulock1886 AugustView Record
EdwardTrulock1627View Record
EdwardLyons1857View Record
EdwardLyons1902View Record
Edward FTruelock1831 February1919 November 15View Record
Edward HenryTrulock1921 Oct/Dec2003 March 23View Record
Eleanor (Ellen)O'BrienView Record
Eleanor ConstanceCorri1846 October 14View Record
ElinorTrulock1785 AugustView Record
ElizabethGrabham18001882 January 09View Record
ElizabethTruelock1724 Nov/DecView Record
ElizabethTruelock1600s or 1700s1754 December 06View Record
ElizabethTruelock1700s cView Record
ElizabethTrulock1820 c1859 July 21View Record
ElizabethBrownrigg1727 c1775 SeptemberView Record
ElizabethView Record
ElizabethKance1879 November 15View Record
ElizabethTrulock1850 cView Record
ElizabethGrabham1936 FebruaryView Record
ElizabethDuffield ?1775 cView Record
ElizabethCaseyView Record
ElizabethTrulock1681View Record
Elizabeth BurnettView Record
ElizabethDarcyView Record
ElizabethWilliams1837View Record
Elizabeth AnneTrulock1862View Record
Elizabeth GeorginaTrulock1826 February 191863 December 11View Record
Elizabeth JaneTrulock1845 cView Record
Elizabeth MarionLedwidge1876 April 12View Record
Elizabeth RoseTrulock1915 April/JuneView Record
Elizabeth SarahBailham18681936 Jan-MarView Record
EllenTrulock18181890 January 08View Record
EllenCarroll1842 May1924 October 26 View Record
EllenView Record
EllenMacken18581932View Record
Ellen AnneGilligan19011980View Record
EllieLyons1890View Record
ElsbethTrulock1618View Record
Emma EugenieTrulock18591928 Jan-MarView Record
Emma-JaneCorri1832 December 27View Record
Emmeline Olivia1930 November 11View Record
EsseyCummingView Record
EthelAnsell1866 September 01View Record
EugeneDussek1870View Record
FenwichKinder1775 cView Record
FlorenceCorri1904View Record
Florence EdithCorri1862 November 191872 March 30View Record
FlorindaTrench1798 June 29 1878 NovemberView Record
Florinda MaryBookey1810s cView Record
FrancesTruelock1700s c1800 August 24View Record
FrancesTrulock1684 JanuaryView Record
Frances GeorginaTruelock1808 October 121890 May 09View Record
Frances GeorginaSingleton1851View Record
Frances LouisaTrulock1830 June / July 1842 May 19View Record
FrancisGilligan1910cView Record
Francis Humphries1915 cView Record
FrancisTrulock1634View Record
FrancisCorri1800 cView Record
Francis TrulockLedwidge1904 Dec 251969 Oct - DecView Record
FrankLedwidgeView Record
FrederickFlint1850 cView Record
Frederick GeorgeYoung1830 cView Record
GeorgeTruelock16601704View Record
GeorgeTruelock1690 June 031760View Record
GeorgeTruelock1720 May / JuneView Record
GeorgeTruelock1762 May 23View Record
GeorgeTruelock1700 cView Record
GeorgeTrulock1723 AugustView Record
GeorgeCorri1896View Record
George FrederickBoyd1835 cView Record
George LewisGrabham1775 cView Record
George LewisSingleton1847View Record
George MarshallTrulock18331865 November 11View Record
George MarshallTrulock1887 September 241895 June 14View Record
George MarshallHarriss1865 September 191947 January 31View Record
George MarshallTrulock18661945 June 18View Record
George SidneyHarrissView Record
George TrulockKinder1800 cView Record
GeorginaErskine1780 cView Record
GeorginaGratham1814 ?View Record
Georgina EllisKinder1835 cView Record
Georgina MariaGrabham1833 Apr/MayView Record
GertrudeView Record
GilesTruelock1722View Record
Giuseppe PaltoniView Record
HamiltonTrulock1890 December 15 1891 Jan / MarView Record
HanoraDoyle1865 cView Record
Harold (Harry)Atkinson1900 cView Record
Harold WilliamAnsell1864 December 24View Record
Hayden Joseph LewisCorri17851860 February 21View Record
HaydnCorri1876View Record
Haydn Cornelius FentonCorri1867 January 21View Record
HelenBeatty1839 June 151926 February 22View Record
HelenTrulock1840View Record
HelenCleghorn Hogg(s)View Record
HelenaMolloy1926 December 2009 DecemberView Record
HenryTruelock1720 cView Record
HenryTrulock1820 Jan1894 April 24View Record
HenryHennessy1826 March 191901 March 08View Record
HenryHallahan1875 February 17View Record
HenryKance1850 cView Record
HenryLedwidge1878 August 03View Record
HenryGrabham1805 Jun/JulView Record
Henry StephensonView Record
HenryWebley1847View Record
HenryCaseyView Record
HenryCorri1888View Record
Henry EdwardWheeler18641917 Oct - DecView Record
Henry FrancisSingleton1842View Record
Henry GeorgeCorri1870 July 291870View Record
Henry HardyColeView Record
Henry JosephHarriss1862View Record
Henry Marshall RolandTomlinson1892View Record
Henry TrulockHarriss1891View Record
HonorFinney1760 cView Record
Honro (Honor ?)Truelock1719 AprilView Record
IsabelGilligan1910cView Record
Isabella Studdart1840 cView Record
JackSmyth1935 cView Record
JacobWheeler1907View Record
JameTrulock1821 April 29View Record
JamesConlan1870/18721929View Record
JamesGilligan1899View Record
JamesTruelock1700s c1790 November 09View Record
JamesElliott1810 cView Record
JamesTruelock1700s c1764 August 28View Record
JamesTrulock1740 cView Record
JamesTrulock1740 cView Record
JamesConlan1920 cView Record
JamesTrulock1720 NovemberView Record
JamesTrulock1700sView Record
JamesBailham18371903View Record
JamesWebley1843View Record
JamesTrulocke1632View Record
JamesConlan1900View Record
JamesGilliganView Record
James (Jacobus)Truelock1700s cView Record
Jan Ladislav Dussek1760 View Record
JaneTruelock1750 cView Record
JaneNicholls1790 cView Record
Jane1700 cView Record
JaneTruelock1700s c1778 October 11View Record
Jane MarthaFlint18721919 August 7View Record
Jane OrrCopelandView Record
JasTrulock1814View Record
JeremiahHalahanView Record
Jeremiah GabrielHallahan1920 August 231970View Record
JoanStelfox1925 cView Record
JohnTruelock1701View Record
JohnTrulock1700s or 1800s1826 August 02View Record
JohnTrulock1830s cView Record
JohnWheeler1830 cView Record
JohnSands1835 cView Record
JohnHennessy1800 cView Record
JohnMurphy1810 cView Record
JohnFell1930 cView Record
JohnBeatty1805 cView Record
JohnTruelock1823View Record
JohnBeatty1805 cView Record
JohnSingleton18431867View Record
John Pope-Hennessy (Sir)View Record
JohnTrulock1623View Record
JohnMcCueView Record
John (Jack)Conlan1894 cView Record
John GeorgeKinder1840 cView Record
John SheriffHankin1780s cView Record
John StephenCorri1894View Record
John TrulockHarriss1859View Record
John VincentGilligan18721954View Record
John VincentConlan1925 May 231971 August 10View Record
John VincentGilligan1903View Record
JosephHarriss1815 March 311877 April 18View Record
JosephHarriss1790 cView Record
JosephLedwidge1850 cView Record
JosephHennessyc 1874View Record
JosephGraydonView Record
JosephO'NeillView Record
Joseph (Jas)Trulock1794 April / MayView Record
Joseph HaydenCorri1899View Record
JosueTruelock1800View Record
JudithTruelock1728 c1798 October 25View Record
JuliaHarrissView Record
JuliaLyons1885View Record
JuliaCorri1896View Record
KateTrulock1855 cView Record
Kathleen / CatherineGilligan1905View Record
LetticeTrulock1682View Record
LettisDigbyView Record
Louis (James)Elliott1840 cView Record
Mable GertrudeTrulock1925 Jul/SepView Record
MaherKevin1920 cView Record
MaleKance1875 May 29View Record
MaleWheatly1872 November 30View Record
MargaretTruelock1866View Record
MargaretTrulock1700s c1774 April 06View Record
Margaret1700 cView Record
MargaretCumming1800s cView Record
Margaret Page1859View Record
MargaretTurtonView Record
Margaret(Corbett)1841View Record
Margaret AgnesLedwidge1879 October 04View Record
Margaret ELedwidge1908View Record
Margaretta JaneTrulock1885/1888 October 041922 Apr/JunView Record
Margaretta TheodosiaStephenson 1849 April 18491935 December 31View Record
Margarita WilhelmaSingleton18351915View Record
MariaColgan18211899View Record
MariaTrulock18181878 January 01View Record
Maria1800 cView Record
Marjorie PhyllisHarriss1983 Feb 28View Record
Marshal Singleton1844View Record
MarshallTrulock1898 August 211934 August 13/20View Record
MarthaWheeler1892View Record
MaryJones17531830View Record
Mary1695 cView Record
MaryTruelock1600s or 1700s1723 December 19View Record
MaryTrulock1700s c1791 November 03View Record
MaryTrulock1808 cView Record
MaryConlan1892View Record
MaryCorri1902View Record
MaryLyons1887View Record
MaryTrulock1724 DecemberView Record
MaryTruelock18171877View Record
MaryTruelock1808 cView Record
MaryTrulock1700View Record
MaryView Record
MaryO'NeillView Record
MaryHalahan1872 June 27View Record
Mary (Maisie)O'Leary1930 cView Record
Mary AnnTruelock1700s c1781 August 03View Record
Mary Anna PageView Record
Mary Anne (Maria Anna)Doran1855 cView Record
Mary Catherine Lyons18641942 Oct - DecView Record
Mary ChristinaConlan1933 November 19View Record
Mary Elizabeth McLoughlin1868 MayView Record
Mary JaneTrulock1850 cView Record
Mary JaneView Record
MatthewKinder17411841View Record
Merlyn1940 cView Record
MichaelGraydonView Record
MichaelGraydonView Record
MickColgan1800 cView Record
MontagueCorri17841849View Record
NataleCorri17651822View Record
NiciTruelock1775 cView Record
Noel WheelerTrulock1927 December 141985 October 14View Record
OliveWheeler1905View Record
Olive BeatriceTrulock1916 Oct/DecView Record
OliviaDussekView Record
Patrick Halliday1780 cView Record
PatrickConlan1920 cView Record
PatrickGilligan1907View Record
PatrickQuinn1925 cView Record
PatrickO'BrienView Record
PatrickO'NeillView Record
PatrickO'NeillView Record
PatrickNoonanView Record
Patrick ConstantineCorriView Record
Patrick JosephConlan1897 April 061954View Record
Pauline SarahConlan1931View Record
PeterConlan1920 cView Record
PeterLyons1888View Record
PhilipWebley1813View Record
PhilipTrulock1637View Record
PowerLe Poer TrenchView Record
RachelTruelock1823 October 111825 March 28View Record
Rachel1700s or 1800s1807 SeptemberView Record
RachelTrulock1700s or 1800s1810 May 12View Record
Rachel Truelock17651819 March 29View Record
RachelKinder1775 cView Record
RaymondConlan1920 cView Record
Rev. Frederick Trulock Hankin1815View Record
Rev. GeorgeTrulock17961847 September 25View Record
RichardTruelock1600s or 1700s1751 June 25View Record
RichardTrulock1630View Record
Richard (Dick)Trulock18271910 May 24View Record
RobertKender1725 cView Record
Robert Singleton18411914View Record
RobertJonesView Record
Rosa EvalineTrulock1895 February 091895View Record
Rosalie CorriView Record
RoseCorri1900View Record
Rosetta SarahCorri18371926 April 13View Record
RupertCorri1876View Record
SallyHagget1830 cView Record
SamuelTrulock17821839 October 13View Record
SamuelTrulock18191889 May 30View Record
Sara-JaneKinder1775 cView Record
SarahWheeler18901980View Record
SarahRogers18741922View Record
SarahGraydon18761959View Record
SarahTrulock1800s cView Record
SarahHaughton1760 c1839 Aug 28View Record
SarahKinder1775 cView Record
Sarah1801View Record
SarahConlan1902View Record
SarahGilligan1909View Record
SarahTrulock1840 cView Record
SarahBeattieView Record
SarahTrulocke1680View Record
SarahTrulockView Record
SarahView Record
SarahView Record
Sarah IsobelTrulock1923 Oct/DecView Record
Sarah JCorbett1881View Record
Sarah MargaretTruelock18311900 April 23View Record
Selina FlorindaBookey1830s cView Record
SimonTruelock1700 cView Record
Sophia GiustinaCorri1775 May 01View Record
Stephen FrancisCorri1889View Record
Stephen PatrickCorri1868 October 06View Record
Suzannah SarahBailham18631864View Record
Sylvia GraceTrulock1918 Jul/Sep2009 December 10View Record
TheophilusTrulock18341836 September 20View Record
TheophilusPage1784 June 061837 March 06View Record
Theophilus AlexanderSingleton1838View Record
Theresa EstherConlan1936 April 12View Record
ThomasTruelock17181798 October 25View Record
ThomasTruelock17411830View Record
ThomasTrulock1787 September1833 March 30View Record
ThomasTrulock18111886 August 08View Record
ThomasTrulock1820 MayView Record
ThomasKinder1750 cView Record
ThomasTomlinson1858View Record
ThomasBookey1756 cView Record
ThomasTrulock17591778 March 20View Record
ThomasRodgers1685 cView Record
ThomasTrulock1729 cView Record
ThomasTrulock1700 cView Record
ThomasTrulock1730 AprilView Record
ThomasTrulock1695 cView Record
ThomasTruelock1822-1830View Record
ThomasTrulocke1600 cView Record
ThomasTrulocke1620View Record
Thomas LewisSingleton1847View Record
Thomas SingletonTomlinson18861955 Apr-JunView Record
Thomas TruelockBookey17781853View Record
Thomas WilliamKinder1825 cView Record
ValentineCorri18911953View Record
Valentine DomenicoCorri18291889 August 01View Record
Valentine EdwardCorri1865 June 011872 September 25View Record
Veronica AnnConlan1942 January 13View Record
WalterTrulock1930 Jan/Mar1930 Jan/MarView Record
WilliamTruelocke16251683View Record
WilliamTrulock16521690View Record
WilliamTruelock1690 cView Record
WilliamTruelock1715 Feb / Mar View Record
WilliamTruelock1695 cView Record
WilliamTruelock1700 cView Record
WilliamTruelock1800 Jun / Jul 1838 July 13View Record
WilliamTruelock1760 cView Record
WilliamTruelock1600s or 1700s1715 March 13View Record
WilliamTruelock17721832 September 28View Record
WilliamTruelock1838 June 1839 August 11View Record
WilliamTrulock18311897 July 29View Record
WilliamTrulock1824View Record
WilliamPageView Record
WilliamDrury1915 cView Record
WilliamCorri1897 Apr - JunView Record
WilliamSetters1845 cView Record
WilliamTrulock1751 AugustView Record
WilliamMcLoughlin1830 cView Record
WilliamGrabham1800 cView Record
WilliamTrulock1800sView Record
WilliamTrulock1863View Record
WilliamPageView Record
WilliamCruiseView Record
WilliamCahillView Record
WilliamMcCulloghView Record
William (Gulielmo)Trulock1855 cView Record
William (Gulielmus)Trulock1886 AprilView Record
William Edward RobinsonBailham1860 July - September1864View Record
William George PhilipTomlinson1890View Record
William HTomlinson1830s cView Record
William HenryTruelock1828 Mar / Apr1836 August 18View Record
William HenryKindar1837 JanView Record
William JonesSingleton1800s c1875 June 13View Record
William JonesSingleton1837View Record
William MarshallTrulock18631937 February 21View Record
William MarshallTrulock1890 February 101961View Record
William RichardSetters1868 June 22View Record
William RobertTrulock1920 May2003 NovemberView Record
William ThomasErskine (Bookey)1800s cView Record
William ThomasAnsell1840 cView Record
William ThomasWilsonView Record
William TrulockBookey17811838 July 12View Record
[unknown]CorriView Record