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Screen, Sligo

Reverend, Rector of Screen, Sligo

The Rev. George Truelock, M.A. and curate-assistant of Killoran was collated, on the 27th October, 1827, to the prebend of Lackan, in the diocese of Killala ; passed to the vicarage of Ballysadare in 1832 ; became subsequently vicar-general and archdeacon of Killala ; and died on the 22rd of September, 1847.

On Mr. Truelock's resignation in 1834, Rev. Lewis Potter, M.A., was collated to the vacant prebend and vicarage on the 5th of June that year.

We read in Cotton " 1832. George Truelock, 11. A., prebendary of Lackan, in Killala; collated May 28th. In 1833 he was appointed vicar-general of the united dioceses. In 1834 he resigned, and became archdeacon of Killala." Fasti Ecclesice HiberniceE, vol. iv, p. 111.

1847 September 25 Evidence of Death