1827 Evidence of Birth
1910 February Evidence of Marriage
Date Address Documents
1861-1871 32 Essex Quay, Dublin Dublin Street Directory 1862
1862-1868 11 Essex Bridge, Dublin Dublin Street Directory 1862
1877-1910 13 Parliament Street, Dublin Census 1901 Electoral Registers 1908-1910
1910 26 Longwood Avenue, South Circular Road, Dublin Will Extract 2010


1910 May 24 Evidence of Death

Married Jane Flint on February 4, 1910 in the presence of R. White and J. Tilson in the parish of St. Kevins, Dublin.

Recieved £1,392 17s 8d from his brother Samuel when he died.

Commissioner of Patents, AD 1865, January 28, No. 247

Trulock, Samuel, Trulock, Richard and Trulock William - Improvement in breech-loading fire-arms

Barrels that are turned down on the "Lefaucheux" system to receive the charge are locked by a double system of bolts, one locking into a recess below the other at the top of the barrel or barrels. "The bolts are actuated by a single external level" which works a cross pin carrying "an internal double lever" acted upon by a spring. The barrels are fastened by the spring catch, and are released by pressing on the external lever, which draws back the bolts and raises the hammers to half-cock. Read More »