1800 Jun / Jul Evidence of Birth
1800 July 14
1822 May 26
Date Employment Documents
1823 Detonating Gun Manufactory Connaught Journal
1828 Gunmaker William's Baptism Cert
1830 Gunmaker Frances's Baptism Cert
  Gunmaker Dublin Directory
1838 July 13 Evidence of Death
Date Event Documents
1800 Baptised in the parish of St. Catherine  
1822 Freeman of Dublin Freemen of Dublin city 1774-1824
1822 As son of William Truelock Electoral Register - Select Committee of Fictitious Votes
1838 Buried in the parish of St. Catherine  
1839 Will Extract Full Record - Irish Wills Index 1484-1858

William Trulock's gunmaking business was called 'William Truelock & Son', Upon his death, it was taken over by his wife Elizabeth. After several years the name was changed and the business became known as 'E. Truelock and Son' (1843). William left the sum of £1,384 to his wife, Elizabeth. George Trulock took over the business in 1853.