1744 October 04
1744: Rome, Naples
1775-1790: Edinburgh
1790-1825: London
1825 May 22
Date Event Documents
1744 Born in Rome, October 4, 1744 (wikipedia says 1746)  
1763-1774 Domenico was a pupil of the musician Porpora in Naples, Italy.  
1775 In 1775 (wikipedia says 1871) went to Edinburgh as an opera conductor. There he engaged in various enterprises as a publisher, composer and impresario. Specifically he produced an opera entitled "Alessandro nell Indie"  
1787 He published his first music manual in English: A Complete Musical Grammar (1787),  
1788 He returned to London in 1788  
1790 His attempt to organise his own opera company and a publishing firm there was a failure, and he sought better fortune in London (1790).  
1796 In 1796 he entered into partnership with Mr John Louis Dussek, the in Haymarket, and they were appointed music sellers to the Royal Family  
1798 He published his second music manual in English: A Musical Dictionary (1798)  
1799 He published his third music manual in English: The Art of Fingering (1799)  
1803 Married Alice Henley at St Martin in the Fields parish on April 03. Marriage cert
1806 His opera The Travellers or Music Fascination was given at Drury Lane on Jan 22, 1806.  
1810 He published his forth and final music manual in English: The Singers Preceptor (1810)  
1821 Listed as dealer in Music Percy Street, Bedford Square Bankrupt Directory 1820-1843 Transcription
1825 Died in London, May 22, 1825. Royal Household Index 1660-1901 Transcription
  Lately aged 88, Mr Domenico Corri, the celebrated musical composer. During the last six years a rapid decay of nature had been visible, and latterly fits of insanity had frequently occurred. He was to have been removed to the care of a doctor experienced in similar cases when death removed him from the world. He expired suddenly, when apparently in the best health and spirits, it is supposed in a apoplectic fit. He had been remarkable abstemious man, and had no illness except the gout during his long life. He was a pupil of Porpora, at Naples from 1763 till his preceptors death in 1774, and in the same year produced an opera entitled "Alessandro nell Indie" but his name was not sufficiently blazoned to give his performance much eclat, or indeed to excite the attention it deserved. He settled in Edinburgh, but returned to London in 1788. In that year he published three volumes of English songs with original accompaniments, a work which was moderately successful. In 1796 he entered into partnership with Mr John Louis Dussek, the in Haymarket, and they were appointed music sellers to the Royal Family. Mr Corri published a great deal of his own music; but the work by which he is chiefly known in England are his opera of "The Travellers", the Bird Song in "The Cabinet" and a treatise on singing in two vols. called "The Singers Preceptor". He was brother to Natale Corri, a singing master of reputation at Edinburgh, uncle of Mad Frances and Rosalie Corri, songstresses and father of Haydn Corri pianist and singing-master of Dublin, Montague Corri of Manchester, performer at several theatres, and a fencing-master, and of Mrs. Moralt, late Mrs Dussek, late of the Opera House. From New Monthly Magazine, Volume 15, 1825

Published Works

A Rondeau for the Harpsichord or Piano Forte

The Singers Preceptor

6 Trios for Violin, Flute & Harpsichord